International Andrology offers the latest treatments in male sexual and reproductive healthcare with a focus on modern urogenital reconstructive surgery.

International Andrology (IA), is an international collaboration network of the leading practitioners of andrology. Our doctors are all trained surgeons Urologists-Andrologists and have played major roles in the development, co-development or improvement of many of the modern surgical techniques currently standard throughout the world, as well as pioneering holistic treatments of male sexual dysfunction and sub-fertility.

In addition to the individual medical excellence, what really differentiates us is the collaboration that IA promotes between our physicians. The surgical techniques and treatments that we offer are constantly improved based on the collective experiences of our doctors, which is facilitated through continuous training and advanced data capturing and analysis systems shared across all our practices. Difficult cases are reviewed collectively and we will always aim to arrange for the most specialist of our doctors to lead these.

However, beyond the medical skills of our doctors, treatment outcome and patient satisfaction also depends on the way that the individual practices are organised in a clinic, such as marketing and digital communications, IT systems, patient communication, post-operative care, medical equipment and materials used.

Our History

The first IA practice in Athens, Greece was founded in 1990 as one of the first medical facilities the world, dedicated to male sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Back then and to a certain degree today, andrology was not explicitly recognised as a medical specialty. This meant that medical guidelines, training and most importantly the perceptions of patients about male sexual and reproductive health were very underdeveloped. As a result most patients were left un-diagnosed and untreated.

The vision of IA is to set up centres of excellence that would educate the public about male sexual and reproductive health, apply and promote the latest medical treatments, train a generation of leading andrologists and ultimately guarantee to our patients that we would resolve their medical problems. We pride ourselves that we have delivered on this promise; at seven locations worldwide (and continuously expanding), IA applies the experience gained from 10,000 successful operations and over 30,000 satisfied patients to provide the most advanced male sexual and reproductive healthcare treatments.

We are deeply committed to our original vision and we have partnered with leading andrologists and medical facilities throughout the world so as to spread the standard of care of IA and provide to patients effective and final treatment of their medical disorders.

Our Services