Penile size, does it really matter? Penis enlargement cost and operation facts

Penile size, does it really matter? Penis enlargement cost and operation facts

Penis enlargement cost and other key facts

There is no man who hasn’t, at least once, felt the desire of having a bigger penis. The size-matter begins from an early age, more often at teenage hood, and continues to be discussed and problematize men throughout their lives. The matter includes all these questions such as, “does she feel my size isn’t enough?”, “do women search for men having bigger penises than me?” or even worse “is she going to leave me because my penis isn’t so big?”. It goes without saying that these feelings can gradually lead to the lack of sexual confidence as well as to sexual dysfunctions.

Thus, the penile size plays a vital role not only for women but most importantly for men. Although a major percentage of men have tried pills or other “treatments” to enhance their size there are many men who do not have a real problem.

Is your size enough?

Firstly, and before you fell into depression, you should know that the average length of a penis at the erect state in Europe, is between 14cm and 16cm. However, many men have a problem of microphalia – micropenis or have a hidden or buried penis. The latter is considered a serious problem and the solution for such cases is always the surgical operation.

Does size matters to women?

There are of course many myths about the size of a penis but let’s focus on the medical point of view. According to andrologists and sexologists, in order a woman to feel satisfied by her partner’s organ, this has to be big enough in terms of its girth and not its length. This is because the majority of the vagina’s nerves are located in the clitoris and at the outer one-third of the vagina. Thus a man with a satisfactory penile girth is going to give his partner the sense of fullness and the sufficient stimulation she needs to be sexually satisfied.

Does size matter to men?

The answer to this question is of course “yes”. According to studies 45% percent of men do not feel happy with their penile size, its shape or its girth. Many men report that their penis is too small while others complain about the thinness of their penis. However, they all agree that a bigger penis will give them sexual confidence and contribute to their overall satisfaction.

Why go for a penis enlargement operation?

The penis enlargement operation is a solution chosen by many men. In fact, these operations have witnessed a major increase worldwide during the last decade. This of course shows that men nowadays want to look after their selves as much as women are used to do. Penis enlargement operations have become a very easy procedure and a very effective treatment option. The operation usually lasts 1 to 2 hours and is one day care, which means that the patient returns home shortly after the procedure. Moreover men who have done the operation are reporting great satisfaction with the results.

It should be noted that there are numerous enlargement techniques used by andrologists-surgeons. However, the technique which is better for you will depend on your personal circumstances and health condition. It is very important to stress at this point that you shouldn’t proceed to any operation before visiting an urologist-andrologist.

What is the cost of penis enlargement operations?

The average cost for penis enhancement operations is between £3,500 and £9,000 pounds but the actual cost depends on the patient’s particular case and of course their desires. For example, if a patient desires just lengthening his penis, the cost will average between £3,500 and £5,000 pounds. In every case, combining lengthening and enhancement in a single operation is often cheaper that two separate operations.