Poor sperm production and male fertility: A health sign that no man should ignore

Poor sperm production and male fertility: A health sign that no man should ignore

It is widely known that the percentage of men with fertility problems has increased during the past years. Many studies have linked poor sperm quality to the modern way of living, eating habits and the side effects technology has on our health. Several studies have especially linked the use of technology to women’s and men’s fertility disorders. Although all the above our nowadays proven facts, a new study reveals that poor sperm production, a matter that most men tend to ignore, can indicate the existence of serious health problems.

Findings of a this new study, which was conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine, showed that fertility problems and poor semen production are closely associated to a man’s overall health.

Moreover, the researchers have proved that poor semen quality is a warning sign for other major health problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular and vascular issues, endocrinological problems and heart disease among others.

Lead scientist, Dr. Michael Eisenberg, an Assistant Professor of Urology and Director of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at the Stanford School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California, and his group compared the health of men who had semen defects with men who didn’t. In particular, 9,387 men participated and were examined in this study which lasted from 1994 till 2011. The majority of men examined, aged 38 years old on average, had already infertility problems. The study published in Fertility and Sterility on Dec. 9 2014, concluded that 44% of men who faced infertility issues were already diagnosed with at least one more health problem.

Indeed, our experience over the years at Internation Andrology Institute confirms these findings and a significant number of our male patients that are initially diagnosed with male subfertility, are found to suffer from a number of other underlying health conditions.

Based on the above the advice of our doctors is simple:

Male sexual and reproductive healthcare is something that all men should take very seriously. Erectile dysfunction, male sub-fertility and other issues are usually a warning sign of potential more serious and life threatening conditions such as diabetes and heart disease

In conclusion, given that nowadays getting your sperm quality tested is a very easy and costless process, it is advisable that periodic testing is performed since beyond the obvious benefit of ensuring the quality of your health, it can prove life saving.