Andrology Practice Basics

Whereas andrology as a medical specialty is not widely known and in turn not widely practiced, the medical conditions that we treat are extremely common. Indicatively:

  • 18% of adult men suffer from erectile dysfunction
  • 1 in 3 mean will experience a premature ejaculation problem
  • The prevalence rate of Peyronie’s disease leading to severe penile curvature is just under 10%
  • A staggering 45% of men are unhappy about their penis size
  • 1 in 2 couples that cannot conceive a child, it is due to male sub-fertility

These statistics are almost constant with slight variations across all countries. Moreover, andrological conditions although not usually covered by national health systems, can have a detrimental effect on a man’s wellbeing. However, this not need be the case since almost all andrological conditions are effectively treatable when experienced doctors provide the latest medical treatments.

Our mission of dedication to our patient’s wellbeing, is complemented by our vision to spread the latest andrological treatments across the world and enable as many men as possible to restore their sexual and reproductive health.

In order to achieve this we are looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations to join our company or assist us to establish new practices.

Collaboration Opportunities

International Andrology has a proven track record of establishing new andrological practices in diverse geographies. Our success is based on one key principle; offering our patients the best medical care possible through very deep specialization and extensive practice. This principle permeates everything that we do; from the doctors we collaborate with to the IT systems that we utilize.

As a result we have established an integrated practice management system that ensures the excellent quality of our medical treatments which in turn inevitably leads to business success. Our integrated approach covers the following key aspects:

  • Detailed guidelines and systematic review of our medical services, clinical equipment and medical material
  • Recruitment, collaboration and training of all the medical staff by our existing world leading medical team and medical advisory board
  • Detailed practice management guidelines covering patient communication, pricing and the use of information technology
  • Centralized marketing, PR and patient communication activities

Based on the above approach, we can establish a successful andrological practice within six months in an untroubled manner for our partners and medical professionals, allowing them to focus on what they do best; caring for their patients.

We are looking to partner with talented individual or leading medical organizations to expand our international network.

Our collaboration model is flexible and can range from a simple medical facilities hiring arrangement (where International Andrology rents out consulting space and operating theatre rooms from a hospital group) to an intricate franchise agreement.

Our preferred model is to establish new IA practices with healthcare entrepreneurs and medical organizations with local market knowledge under a joint venture partnership.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for further information.

Career Opportunities

Senior Urogenital Surgeons

At the core of our medical excellence are the senior Uro-genital surgeons that form our medical team. Their role is to lead the medical operations carried across our network, support and train our junior doctors and constantly improve through collaboration and sharing of experiences the surgical techniques that we employ.

Joining our team means working on a flexible basis across our clinics, leading to unparalleled international experience and exposure. Beyond the financial gains, we expect all our doctors to participate and be included in our academic publishing efforts and also be given the opportunity to establish their own IA practice at locations of their choice.

Minimum requirements and standards

  • Extensive multi-year urogenital surgical training and practical experience with cross-border exposure. Proven surgical excellence and ability to a perform at a very high standard at least the following operations:
  1. Surgical correction of penile curvature (due to Peyronie’s or congenital) using both Nesbit and incision and grafting technique
  2. Three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis implantation
  3. Aesthetic urogenital reconstruction techniques including autologous fat injection, ligamentolysis, scrotoplasty, frenuloplasty and pubic area lipectomy
  4. Varicocelectomy
  • Ongoing interest in academic publishing and extensive medical publications
  • Ability to travel on a scheduled basis to perform day-care surgeries
  • Willingness to oversee and train less experienced surgeons and collaborate with other doctors to promote the well-being of our patients

Board certified urologists interested in or currently specializing in Andrology and Urogenital Reconstructive Surgery

Given the lack of a structured training program from urogenital reconstructive surgery, we consider it our duty to work with talented young urologists-surgeons that are currently specializing or looking to specialize in andrology and urogenital reconstructive surgery. We will offer a comprehensive surgical training program typically lasting two years and the opportunity to work on a day to day basis in a leading andrology practice as well as travel and practice internationally. Our remuneration package includes a fixed salary, a fee per surgery and outcomes based bonus.  Possibility to establish own IA practice and join our senior surgical team.

 Minimum requirements and standards

  • Board certification in urology and keen interest in andrology and urogenital reconstructive surgery
  • Demonstrable surgical talent and excellent patient communication skills
  • Ongoing interest in academic publishing and extensive medical publications
  • Advanced users of new IT technology and knowledge of the state of the art in medical technology and new treatments
  • Strong work ethos and willingness to get further medical and patient communication training
  • Willingness to work in a collaborative manner