In need for more centimetres – The growing demand for penis enlargement

In need for more centimetres – The growing demand for penis enlargement

During the last decade there has been an enormous increase in all “body enlargement” operations worldwide including penis enlargement. The breasts enlargement surgery for example has been the most popular aesthetic surgery during the last decade while 2014 has been already called the “booty year” as the number of hips and butts enlargement operations has reached an increase of up to the 58%, with more than 11,000 buttock augmentation surgeries performed only in 2013, according to a report issued by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

People seem to be quite familiar with all the celebrities and friends who have chosen to do a breasts augmentation surgery or a facelift, and in most cases they endorse that decision, while in the same time they seem sceptical about penis enlargements. But what about men? Don’t they have the right to desire a bigger penis? Don’t they have the right to desire a “better self” just like women?

The answer is of course yes and the recent statistics have proved it. In fact, the demand for penis enlargement surgeries has increased worldwide in the recent years. Germany was recently characterised as the centre of Penis Enlargement, following the fact that out of the 15,414 penis enlargement operations carried out worldwide, 2,786 took place in German ground according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In fact, our sister institute, the German Institute of Urology and Phalloplasty Surgery (GIUP) has carried out 6,000 operations so far over the past few years and is the leading centre in Germany and probably in Europe for this type of operations.

The matter should not surprise us. The recent statistics have proved that men are now demanding to improve their selves as much as women do. The need of some men to enlarge and elongate their penile size is equivalent to the need of some women to ask for breast augmentation¹. Moreover the demand for some men to have a bigger penis is closely associated to their sexual life and consequently to their psychological health. In fact, having smaller or bigger breasts doesn’t affect directly women’s sexual life or health. On the contrary having a small penile size is a problem that affects totally men’s lives as they cannot have a healthy sexual life. Consequently the matter goes beyond aesthetic reasons in the case of men.

For example men with microphallia, namely their penile size is under 7,5 centimetres in the erect state and under 4 centimetres in the flaccid state, are usually facing stress, anxiety, self-esteem problems and even depression as well as other psychological problems caused by their unsatisfied and problematic sexual life. According to researchers in most cases these men tend to avoid thoroughly sexual intercourse while they become antisocial and depressed.

Fortunately, “the development of Andrology has made men’s lives easier” says Dr Franklin Kuehhas, urologist and andrologist surgeon at the London Andrology Institute. Nowadays there are a number of surgery techniques that men can choose from and andrologists can give them a definitive solution to their sexual problems. Moreover the operation, which lasts from 60 to 120 minutes, allows the patient to return to their everyday activities from the next day.

Sexual satisfaction and sexual problems were considered a taboo till recently and nobody felt comfortable to talk about them openly. Andrologists say that the majority of men who had any problem related to their penis remained untreated because they were too embarrassed to go to the doctor. Hopefully the statistics reveal that this has changed while the development of the medical speciality of andrology has yielded great results and has made men happier.